Monday, June 12, 2006

There's just something about having to give a dog steroids for a possible allergy infection that seems a bit wierd to me. But, I guess it'll be well worth it if Midnight stops itching. Has anything new been brought into the house? has she been exposed to anything new? Have I bathed in scented shampoo? What kind of food does she get? Does she have any special treats? My dog has allergies. Super- The trick is findong out what gets her going. She's been banned from the bypass for the next two weeks, but it's possible that it could be te new candles that I bought.....Wouldn't that be a hoot-if Midnight was allergic to Yankee Candle Co. Candles (MeadowMist and Vanilla Oak are the best!)


At 5:37 PM, Blogger Alistair said...

Jen, Came across your blog when doing some searching about Yankee Candle and dogs reactions to them. My wife and I have a 2 yr old Golden Retreiver Male. My wife recently came home with 2 Yankee Candle plug ins to brighten up the rooms. Our dog ended up having a reaction to them causing an incontrollable head bob. We immediately took him to 2 vets. The first pegged it as a neurological disorder. The second said it may be the yankee candle or a precursor to epilepsea. After removing the plug ins and airing out the house, MacDuff hasn't had a problem since. We checked out the packaging and there are 2 seperate warnings about exposure to pets.
Just something to consider for any future issues. We have family who use the same plug ins in their house and their dog has no issues with them. I suppose MacDuff has a hypersensitivity to the smell.


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