Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Data and the Vet

In seems like just yesterday, Midnight had to go to the vet. I guess Data felt jealous, so today was his turn.

Yesterday, I looked over at him and his usual shiny eyes were only half of their normal splendor. His left eye was (still is, by the way) a little foggy, a little swollen, and very, very red (very). I haven't seen him paw at it

He was just lying on the floor, looking up at me with his big puppy dog eyes as if to say, "mama, I don't feel good. What's wrong with me?"

He went to the vet first thing this morning. I can remember when he would act like some kind of nut at the vet's office. Not today. I think he was glad he was there. I've never seen him so well-behaved. (It was almost scary)

The prognosis: scratches on his cornea. He goes back next week.


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